Apple Hill 2018

Biomedical Engineering Student Association (BESA) is a student organization serving the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Group. The goal of BESA is to provide a community for graduate students in Biomedical Engineering at UC Davis in both a social and professional way.

Social: Throughout the year, we provide fun opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to interact through events such as faculty-student luncheons, BBQs, hikes, community service projects, holiday parties, IM sports, camping trips, and more.  In addition, BESA plays an integral role in welcoming new BMEGG students in the fall and in recruiting new students in the spring.

Outreach: BESA provides both industry-based and community-based outreach opportunities. Community outreach programs consist of young scientist mentoring, K-12 science demonstrations, and informative sessions about college for high schoolers in the application process. Industry outreach aims to prepare UC Davis graduate students for a career in the Biomedical Engineering Industry. The BESA outreach program is aimed at bringing the science produced by the BME department to the wider community and introducing science to young adults.

Health: We acknowledge that graduate school can be very difficult and taxing on one's mental health. Therefore, BESA created a group that hosts events specifically centered on how to maintain and improve mental health, whether that is through book club, craft hours, workshops given by health & wellness professionals, or explaining how to set up a counseling appointment. The BESA health team thinks you deserve to be happy and healthy in graduate school and does its best to provide opportunities to relax and have fun!

Professional: BESA organizes important professional events including BMEGG recruitment and the BMEGG Research Symposium. Students also have the opportunity to practice research presentations and get feedback from their peers in a safe environment through the Student Seminar Series.