Conflict Resolution

Below is a list of resources if you are having issues with your advisor or manager and need outside advice or help:


Univeristy Ombuds Office

The Ombuds are confidential advice-givers. If necessary, the can act as mediators between conflicting parties, but their role is to behave impartially.


Departmental Resources

  • BMEGG Student Services Advisor
    • Christal Wintersmith (
  • BMEGG Program Chair
    • Professor Blaine Christiansen (
  • BME Department Chair
    • Professor Steven George (


College of Engineering Leadership

  • Associate Dean for Graduate Studies in Engineering
    • Roland Faller (
  • Dean of Engineering
    • Richard L. Corsi (


Graduate Studies Leadership

  • Senior Academic Advisor for Graduate Students (SAA)
    • Wallace Woods (
  • Associate Dean for Graduate Students
    • Ellen Hartigan-O'Conner (
  • Dean of Graduate Studies
    • Jean-Pierre (JP) Delplanque (



If you witness improper activities and want to report them, you can submit a Whistleblower complaint form or call the University Whistleblower hotline at (800) 403-4744.

*Employees, students, and others are protected from retaliation for filing a whistleblower report.*



Note: If your issue deals with sexual harassment, the person you reach out to is required to report the incident